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chrome tourmaline

Chrome Tourmaline
Chrome Tourmaline - Tanzania
Very rare, intense deep blue green, the color of the finest emerald, this bright, clean, and durable gem material is 100% natural, and will have you seeing green. This gem tourmaline, defined by it’s intense green color and presence of chromium and vanadium, is a very limited resource and is found only in very limited deposits in the Merilani mining district of Tanzania. Much of the mining and trade of chrome tourmaline rough is carried out by local Massai villagers who also mine tsavorite garnet (green garnets), that are also found in the area. The finest color Chrome Tourmaline, bright but deep intense bluish green with little or no yellow, has always been very hard to obtain with only a very small percentage of stones that are found of that quality. Currently there has been very little fine chrome tourmaline rough available in the market and we are working from a limited supply of old stock materials. This is definitely a collectors stone and a great affordable, and more durable, alternative to emerald.