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songea sapphire

Songea Sapphire
Songea Sapphire – Songea, Tanzania
Natural untreated Sapphire from the Songea mines in Tanzania has some of the most unique colors and combinations of color that I’ve ever seen in any gem material. Many of these stones literally are colors within colors, sometimes producing bi-color stones sometimes showing a mix of colors that change as the stone is viewed from different angles, and shift or completely change color depending on the lighting conditions. From fine yellows, to blue, to teal, green, pink, and purple with colors that shift with every transition of light, these completely natural sapphires are some of the most unique and special colored gems to be found anywhere in the world today. The durability of sapphire makes it an excellent gem for everyday wear in rings and many couples today are choosing sapphire as more personal and affordable alternative to diamond for engagement ring center stones. Sapphire is also the traditional birthstone for people born in the month of September.