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umba sapphire

Umba Sapphire
Umba Sapphire – Umba River Valley, Tanzania
The Umba River Valley in Tanzania is know for producing some of the finest and most distinctive sapphires ever recovered on the African continent. Umba Sapphires are found in every color and shade and are especially prized for they’re bright pure colors and distinctive color change qualities. Mine production and recovery of fine Umba Sapphire is very sparse and it can take literally years to collect a parcel of good rough material. Our current stock of Umba Sapphires represents years of work, and is one of the most extensive collections of this gem type to be found anywhere in the World today, with a wide range of colors and shades to fit any personality or taste. Sapphire is a very durable gem, suitable for everyday wear in rings, and makes an excellent more personal alternative to diamonds for bridal jewelry. Sapphire is also the traditional birthstone for people born in the month of September.